Mangalya Agro Tourism and Cottages is among the most famous Koyna Blackwater Hotels that gets you to the most pristine tourist destination nearby that are famous for their history, peace, adventure, and beauty. Pratapgad Fort is a historic spectacle that marked the major victory for Indians in a war fought between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan. It is seated on Mahad Road and falls under easy reachability of 21 Km from Mahabaleshwar. 1400 feet high and 400 feet wide, the ‘Fort of valor’ is brandished technical intricacies of yesteryear’s architecture. As per historic gala, when Shivaji Maharaj vectored over Afzal Khan, his head was buried in the settlement where a tomb was erected. This tomb stands on the left side at the bottom of the fort and attracts significant tourists all year long. Another fascinating view of Goddess Bhavani (Deity in Hindu Mythology) from a window of Nagarkhana is a sight to behold that is a source of peace and happiness for the devotees. The entrance of the fort is a small door you reach after climbing 100-200 steps from the temple. Karoshi is a place on the way from Mahabaleshwar to Mahad; Pratapgad Fort is half an hour's journey from here. When seen from aerial view, the fort appears in the shape of a butterfly.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

Declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1985 by the Government of India, Konya Wildlife Sanctuary is a thriving reserve in the heart of Sahara District, Maharashtra. It is centered in Western Ghats with rich vegetation and abundance of water flow to not just support but flourish the habitants with more than sufficient nourishment. The entire sanctuary spans at an elevation between 600-1000 meters of altitude and expands in 423 square kilometers. Rivers Kandati, Solashi, and Koyna are the primary source of water supply to the reserve. Considering the number of architectural findings in the area, Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary was declared as the World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2012. Prospering biodiversity of rich flora-fauna is a mesmerizing sight-seeing attraction. Exploring the jungle with jungle safari is a treat for adventure lovers. For those who are looking for a peaceful excursion, again, jungle safari is an answer. While the thrill of safari jeeps bouncing on rouged terrains amidst the wild enthralls the adventurous soul, the quiet and solace surrounding you between gorgeous lush green nature relaxes you holistically. And if you are lucky, an encounter or two with the Royal Bengal Tiger can really make your vacation fulfilling and exciting. Ours being one of the best budget hotels in Tapola successfully connects you to this and a lot more.

Vasota Fort Trek

A busy schedule should not be the reason to deprive the thrill seeker inside you of adventure. Rightfully ranking among the topmost famous hotels near Vasota Fort, we cater to travel enthuse the uniqueness they crave. While the Western Ghats are blessed with the numerous destinations that support camping and trekking, Vasota Trek is the true elevation of fun crusade of on-foot excursion. Taking you to Bamnoli and further to Met Indavali, Vasota Fort (aka Vyaghragad) is the first destination en route. Vasto Fort is situated on the banks of Shivsagar dam. You can also opt for a peaceful boat ride in Koyana River. Thick forest coverage on either side of the trek extends a perfect canopy, rendering the trek suitable for every season. An awe-inspiring view from the fort presents a brilliant photography opportunity. Upon descending from the fort, you can dwell in camping experience by the banks of a placid lake. You are provided with ample opportunities for recreational activities and fun games. Kas Mahabaleshwar mountain ranges, steep falls, and cliffs also occupy one of the major proportions of tourist’s attraction.

kass plateau

Being one of the best hotels near Kaas Plateau, we are privileged to bring the exotic experience of refreshing flowers to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Located in Satara District of Maharashtra, Kaas Plateau (or Kaas Patthar, as it’s locally known) is a valley of paradise in Maharashtra. It is a carpet of flowers that witness gorgeous blooms every year. Another recipient of UNESCO World Heritage Site titles, its stunning biodiversity of pretty orchids, carnivorous Drosera Indica along with 850 famous and rare species of plants fragrance the land with their blossoming. Not just this, Kaas Plateau has one of the largest concentrations of endemic flowering plants. To understand why Kaas is so special, it is imperative to know that it is the unique geographical distribution that facilitates this astounding phenomenon. Kaas Lake is situated close-by with many more rare plants fringed by the bay. The entire region is beautifully decorated with unique flowers and vivid colors that are a perfect view of heavenly abode. Needless to mention, the iconic pink hue to the place is a wonder not to be missed.

Parsi Point

Mangalya Agro Tourism and Cottages is among the best family resorts in Tapola that mitigates the distance between you and must-explore places during your stay. Merely 2Km away from Panchgani Bus Stand, Parsi Point is a scenic viewpoint situated in Satara District, on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Located on Wai-Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Road, you get to experience the phenomenal countryside view. Surrounding hills, valleys, cliffs, River Krishna, lush green foliage coverage, and stunning milieu encompasses a surreal view for rich natural indulgence. This popular picnic point has derived its name from the Parsi Community as in the earlier days this used to be the favorite spot for them. Dhom Dam backwaters can be easily seen from atop. It’s sprawling vistas and panoramic view is an impressive sight for the tourists all across.